Monday, November 10, 2014

Our new baby, Suh Shi

Suh Shi pictured here a few months after we brought him home

October 24th, Suh Shi's birthday

  Papa and Suh Shi on Oct. 9 2014 taking a walk with papa in the Nature Preserve in front of our development.

 Here he is in his pj ready for bed

...enjoying the beautiful scenery in our veranda in Sardinia
Suh Shi loves his little dance! Give him a piece of bread and he'll play with it before eating it...

Monday, August 16, 2010


It was just a little get together, Tony, M.Teresa, Ale and Patrizia, Patry, me, and Patrizia's let's not make a big fuss... half a pig, two ducks, lasagna, "fregula" with clams, Tacula" birds, large shrimp (I mean small lobsters)... that was only the entrees.

This is the "Fregula with Clams"  A super tasty Extra Large couscous type pasta, with a tomato, wine, clam juice sauce...ummmm!!

I contributed a few American treats, Peach Pie and Salsa with bruschetta.  As they say here, it went "a ruba" (translates as if they stole it).  Apparently the good soul who ate the last piece of pie covered the plate just to let others think there was more...someone was left sorely disappointed! 

No one looks at the camera when there is such good food around!

I used to looooove this bird delicacy when I was young, but I got out of the habit and stayed away from them this past years.  Yesterday I was tempted again, and I know remember why I loved them so much, the mirtle flavor makes these birds quite tasty, definitely "finger licking good" BTW there is no other way to eat them but with your fingers!!!

This is my brother's pride and joy, the old fashioned oven, not the pig!  Well maybe also the pig!  They just built it and it's getting quite a bit of use.

Patrizia's mom, quite a good cook, did not come from Sanluri empty ended, this is but one of her contributions to the meager meal, ducks cooked with rosemary and oranges among other things...delicious!!!

 Tony's "piece de resistance" the roasted sucking pig in a bed of mirtle.  but, please do not even think that this was the extent of the meal, this is only what I could roll out of the chair to photograph!  the lasagna was not even touched, fruit salad, sorbet, pie....

Friday, July 30, 2010


Anybody that knows Rupert, knows about his forever war with the lizards. Unfortunately, as of right now the lizards are waaaaayyyyy ahead in the scoreboard, but Rupert is not discouraged in the least! He knows that one of these days, he's going to have a mouthful of lizards!
Yesterday, while at the pier, now his favorite diving board, he spotted some crows and quickly changed his swimming shorts for his camos (camouflage for the uninstructed), and went into his stealth stance. The terrain did not aid him, since stones are not only difficult to balance oneself on, but also noisy, yet he took it all in stride and gave it his best shot! Well, looks like crows are just as fast as lizards and they were gone in a flash...darn it!


Finally today I was able, although just barely, to film Rupert as he dives. Here he is in several performances. The very first time he dove was so cute...he actually scratched at the water so as to have an idea of what he was jumping into!
Now he loves it so much, it doesn't take much at all for him to leap! I was able to slow down the film and look at his body in mid air...perfect 10!
Now tell me, have you have seen Olympic divers doing better than Rupert!?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here is Giuliano last week, halfway though the job of stuccoing the wall, who had escaped the mason's finishing touches and thought it had achieved the dubious fame of remaining UNFINISHED.  Now, that maybe fine for a symphony, but definitely not for my wall!!!!!!
Finally, all the right stars aligned and I was able to have Giuliano finish the darn thing. 

What a difference one week makes...  Rupert likes it so much better this way!

The hideous red unfinished mess is now a quiet oasis

Don't you agree?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


 Monday, July 26, 2010

Just shot this video yesterday, the best part, which is Rupert diving into water several feet deep like a gazelle, is not filmed because I was alone and can't control Rupert who wants the wubba toy, film, and throw ant the same time.
I can't stress enough how much he loves the water!  Of course we waste a LOT of time because he won't give me the wubba, I have to try and steal it and he LOVES getting it before me!  So we play cat and mouse for a while and then he goes into the water, which most times is a signal that I have his permission to get the water toy.  when he's at the beach he does not pay attention to anything,  the only distraction he will respond to is a female strutting her stuff.  One such friend is Nocciola, a scruffy little girl that walks the same beach; at first he scared the stuffing out of her, but yesterday they played very nicely for a bit.